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Copper material is the most widely used for plumbing systems due to its ease of use, and resistance to corrosion and permeation by liquids and gases, which may be sources of corrosion and contamination. But, contrary to popular belief, copper piping doesn't last forever. Originally copper piping was expected to last about 20 years, but leaks can occur in as little as two years. Leaks can be caused by poor workmanship when installing the pipes or a number of other reasons including:

The pH Of The Water:
When the pH level in the water supply is lower than 8, the copper oxide film is dissolved, which leaves no protective barrier to the pipe and causes corrosive action of the water, and subjects the pipe to pinhole leaks.

Oxygen and Water Temperature:
Oxygen degrades metals through an electro-chemical process of internal oxidation. As a result, the metal begins to rust and becomes thinner and weaker, eventually causing small leaks.

Water Velocity:
When copper tubing is installed that is too small in diameter for the pressure and flow available, the protective coating in the pipe can erode creating areas of bare, unprotected copper. This effect can result in a high rate of corrosion wherever the protective coating is eroded.

The greatest effect of velocity happens where the water is forced to change flow direction, such as at elbows and tees in the pipes, but excessive water flow can be damaging to the entire plumbing system.


Cat 1 Restoration is based in Pompano Beach FL 33060 and owner J.W. Cooper has more than 25 years' experience in all areas of water, fire, and mold restoration. The Cat 1 staff is also certified and experienced, which means they are able to properly assess your specific problem, plan a course of action and begin the restoration process. Prompt response and immediate service means that your water, fire, or mold damage is taken care of, and all work is backed by the industry's most comprehensive guarantee.

Leak Detection
Leaking? We Find Your Leaks With The Most Sophisticated Training and Methodology In The Industry! We are experts in leak detection, water leaks, slab leaks, foundation leaks, spa leaks, pool leaks, water loss.

If you suddenly find you have a LARGE WATER BILL or you actually SEE WATER POOLING somewhere around your home or water or water stains running down a wall, coming out of the floor, toilet or any other place in your home, you need to call CAT 1 WATER RESTORATIONand let our expert professionals find the location of the leak in your home. Even though you detect water in one location of your home, the source of the actual leak may be in an entirely different location.

Leak Detection using an InfraRed Camera South Florida

Uses of Infrared Detection

Structures and buildings can be plagued by problems that are often impossible to detect by simple visual inspection alone. These problems can include but are not limited to:

Moisture damage due to aging piping systems, poor installation practices, and ice dams. Energy loss through insulation 'holes' such as those found in roofs or around windows.

Untreated water leaks will continue to grow as shown by this interior wall image. See below the leak is in blue behind the sheetrock.

Some leaks, especially small, hidden leaks, can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. You may find that an annual maintenance appointment is needed, especially if you live in or own a building that is over twenty five years old, which is the typical lifespan for underground pipes. We can assess your pipes using non-destructive methods quickly and easily, allowing you to find the source of potential problems before they end up costing you.

It is important that you watch out for signs of leakages and find the source of that leakage so that it can be fixed before it is too late.

To limit your hassles and losses, you should lose no time in calling out water leak detection service to your South Florida property.

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"I would like to highly recommend the company CAT 1 Restoration LLC for water damage restoration in a residence. We were out of town when our water heater flooded our home. I contacted Jay Cooper at 10:30pm and he responded immediately with blowers and vacuums and tackled the job with expertise. Jay was easy to communicate with and answered all our questions throughout the ordeal. CAT 1's blowers stayed at our home for a week and Jay meet with our insurance adjuster. Because of Jay and his company we feel the water damage was less extensive than if we had used another company."

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Why Choose Us?
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Pet Friendly
  • Call us at 1-833-411-CAT1 (2281)
  • Fully Insured & Licensed
  • Talk With A Real Person
  • Direct Insurance Billing Available
  • Certified in Water Restoration/Odor Control
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