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Water damage in your home is one thing, but sewage water damage is a whole new problem. Sewage is a particularly nasty and dangerous, bringing with it any number of fungi, parasites, bacteria, and other contaminants that can seriously affect your health and the health of your family members. Sewage damage repair is not as simple as removing the water and drying everything up, but rather the treatment and decontamination of any and all surfaces and items that may have come into contact with the sewage.

Sewage can soak and saturate the drywall of your home, the carpeting, the floors, as well as furniture and clothing. Anything that has a porous surface can absorb sewage and retain harmful viruses that remain dangerous until they are properly remediated. For years it was assumed that thorough cleaning coupled with disinfection would mean successful sewage remediation. More recent recommendations strongly urge specialized treatment of the affected area and disposal of many of the items that were exposed to the sewage.

Clothing, bedding, and any upholstered items exposed to sewage should be discarded. This is the only way to be 100% sure that there is no exposure to harmful bacteria. Carpeting may be salvaged if it is properly treated within 48 hours of exposure, but even then, the preferred option (and in many cases the more affordable one) is to simply have it replaced.

Why You Need a Professional Sewage Damage Cleanup Company

Sewage removal and restoration is a professional job, not recommended for most homeowners, no matter how handy around the house you may be. There are simply too many dangers related to the problem. Sewage can splash into a person's eyes, or get into the system through open scrapes, sores, or blisters. Such exposure can mean serious discomfort and illness. It is important to remember that sewage falls under the category of bio hazardous material, and should be treated accordingly.

Because of the nature of sewage damage, and the sewage removal procedures required for a thorough cleanup, it is important to hire the one professional company for the job, with the training, experience, tools, and techniques that are needed for a complete and successful sewage cleanup, even for the largest and most severe sewage spills including sewer backup and sewer line breaks. Cat 1 provides the best in sewer removal and restoration for both residential and commercial needs.

No water damage problem is going to improve on its own, and sewage damage is no exception. Left untreated, the standing water will continue to cause damage as well as presenting a continued and worsening physical threat to your health. The sooner your sewage problem is addressed, the less likely the chance of long term issues such as mold, mildew, and structural issues. We can have a technician onsite within hours of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the restoration process.

Cat 1 Sewer Clean Up &  Restoration is based in Pompano Beach FL 33060 and owner J.W. Cooper has more than 25 years' experience in all areas of water, fire, and mold restoration. The Cat 1 staff is also certified and experienced, which means they are able to properly assess your specific problem, plan a course of action and begin the restoration process. Prompt response and immediate service means that your water, fire, or mold damage is taken care of, and all work is backed by the industry's most comprehensive guarantee.

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"I would like to highly recommend the company CAT 1 Restoration LLC for water damage restoration in a residence. We were out of town when our water heater flooded our home. I contacted Jay Cooper at 10:30pm and he responded immediately with blowers and vacuums and tackled the job with expertise. Jay was easy to communicate with and answered all our questions throughout the ordeal. CAT 1's blowers stayed at our home for a week and Jay meet with our insurance adjuster. Because of Jay and his company we feel the water damage was less extensive than if we had used another company."

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Why Choose Us?
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Pet Friendly
  • Call us at 1-833-411-CAT1 (2281)
  • Fully Insured & Licensed
  • Talk With A Real Person
  • Direct Insurance Billing Available
  • Certified in Water Restoration/Odor Control
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